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CranioSacral therapy

Cranio Sacral Therapy is a light touch technique that releases restrictions in the soft tissues that surround the central nervous system (CNS) to relieve pain and dysfunction and improve whole-body health and performance. Everyday stresses can cause tissues to tighten and restrict the optimal performance of your brain and spinal cord. Relieving these tensions around the CNS enhances the body's ability to self-correct and function better. CST can be used to treat a variety of symptoms including headache, TMJ, anxiety, depression, chronic fatigue, neck and back pain, and much more. Sessions include a full body evaluation and treatment centered on the head, neck, and back. Clients are fully clothed and resting on their back. The hand pressure is very light, approximately the weight of a nickel. 


$80/ 60 minutes  |  $110/ 90 minutes


Myofascial Release is a bodywork practice that safely and gently releases the fascial complex in the body. Our fascial complex is a fibrous connective tissue that runs throughout our entire body, protecting and support our bodies in their daily work. No lotion is used, the therapist engages with the fascia of the client’s body and uses sustained pressure and holds for a deep release. The therapist tunes into the body and uses varied pressure based on what the body asks for. During a session, the therapist and client will work together to heal pain and trauma that has been stored in their body. Myofascial Release works on a deep level with the body’s natural ability to release dysfunction and heal.

Clients can come dressed in a two piece swimsuit, or athletic shorts.

This technique is very effective in treating back pain, TMJ, fibromyalgia, sciatica, post-delivery pain, painful scars, injuries, anxiety, emotional trauma and more.

For more information, please refer to John Barnes’ Myofascial Release website BY CLICKING HERE.

$110 / 90 minutes | $150 / 120 minutes

First time special: 90 minute session for $90

Therapist: Corina Fadel


Reflexology is a therapy that engages specific “reflex points” along the feet, hands, face, and ears to relax, release, and balance corresponding organs and muscle groups in the body. Reflexology relaxes the central nervous system, relieves stress, and works to balances the body’s systems and improve organ functioning. This therapy is an excellent way to promote positive change in areas of the body which are otherwise unreachable by massage, such as internal organs or muscles made inaccessible due to injury or inflammation. Each session can be catered to the client’s needs and preferences.

Foot, hand, and face reflexology sessions can be performed with the client fully-clothed.

$80/ 60 minutes

$110/ 90 minutes


Therapist: Ellen Corbitt Currin