Co-Owners Anahi Hollis and Jenaveve Biernat 

Biernat and Hollis competed against 150 other applicants in the 2016 Comerica Hatch Detroit Contest before taking home the $50,000 grand prize from Comerica Bank to help open Meta Physica. Hollis was Biernat’s client, which is where their partnership and visions of creating a wellness center in Detroit began.
“We wanted to create a space in Detroit that was solely dedicated to improving the health and wellness of our community,” said Hollis. “At Meta Physica Wellness we provide a place to focus on self care using a
holistic approach with massages, saunas and raw juices that can enhance overall healing and balance both mind and body,” Biernat added.
Meta Physica’s services include massages for couples, deep tissue, prenatal and more; full-spectrum infrared saunas with different programs tailored to clients’ needs, such as detoxification, weight loss and pain relief; and community acupuncture, which provides a more affordable option for people
seeking treatment.